Coral’s R&D specializes in the therapeutic areas of steroids, hormones, and related compounds. Our process chemistry specialty extends to deeper areas of synthesis and control, offering a broad spectrum of expertise across many well-known synthetic techniques.

Such areas are backed by our fully equipped R&D process and analytical labs. We can handle reactions from gram scales to kilogram levels and also cover aspects of process design and development. Our analytical labs can conduct the full range of laboratory tests. Further, our instrumentation labs contains equipment for chromatography to cover both related compounds (Using UV and Photodiode-Array detectors) and organic volatile impurities with headspace capabilities.

Our cGMP facilities can then launch the product with commercial scale manufacturing with end-to-end documentation support. Our facilities are fully equipped with reaction vessels starting at 50L all the way up to 3,000L. Additionally, we are also equipped to conduct hydrogenation reactions and deploy a diverse range of filtration and drying capabilities.

Finally, due to our focus on the inhalation portfolio of products, we also offer excellent capabilities within particle design and engineering. We achieve such expertise by using controlled crystallization, grinding, and various forms of milling.