At Coral, our priority is customer satisfaction, and we make sure our internal working qualities keep us aligned with this goal.

We are deeply focused on the efficient and safe synthesis of all products, and our team members are experts in the manufacturing of therapeutics. Our dedication to cGMP manufacturing is evident through our high production standards and continuous research, and we endlessly strive to find environmentally safe methods. Our commitment is not only to our clients, but to the care of our environment as well.

Our global reach - with clients all over the world - points to a high level of customer satisfaction, and we are known for our commitment to delivering quality products consistently. As we also care about our clients’ specific pharmaceutical needs, we offer customization of products.

All of our manufacturing expertise, focus and high production standards, combined with timely deliveries of materials as well as support, helps our clients meet their own goals with ease. Through rigorous internal and external audits as well as regulatory filings globally, we continue to meet our customers’ needs with excellence and proven care for quality.