Coral Drugs, headquartered in New Delhi, India, is an integrated, research based international pharmaceutical company that produces a wide range of high quality, affordable, active drug ingredients.

With a team of dedicated scientists, Coral's R&D department provides efficient processes for off-patent products. Our goal is to maximize on the production of active ingredients by discovering new ways to manufacture without compromising quality.

Having clients all over the world, we assume a great level of corporate responsibility. Adhering to quality production standards across the globe, Coral Drugs takes pride in being a true international supplier of high quality pharmaceuticals.

By constantly evaluating new drugs for production, we demonstrate our ability to meet challenges in different sectors of the pharmaceutical industry.

As an independent API manufacturing company since 1993, Coral has made significant progress. Today we conduct research in a multiple range of products including antineoplastic, steroids, non-steroids, hormones and oral inhalation.

We encourage you to view our current product catalogues, and contact us to learn of upcoming developments. Information on this website will help you get a much deeper understanding of our diversification.