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Our people are our strongest asset.

At just under 200 people, we’re smaller than many of the giants, which works to our benefit. With no unwieldy hierarchies and our conscientiously maintained open communication, decisions are faster, turnaround is quicker and there’s no endless back and forth over the same issues.

Despite our small size, our plants and operations team are more than capable of handling orders of any size. Coral has reached where it is today because of the team’s enthusiasm and effort.

Our teams are organized vertically and into unique departments. Clear job descriptions, key result areas, and expectations help our managers drive various objectives across the company. Regular in-house and external training help our people constantly develop in their roles. Opportunities to work in other areas is also encouraged so team members become well-rounded in their operations and also learn how various functions work together to make the company run efficiently.

Excited to join our team? Please check out our Careers section.