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Our Research & Development vision is to translate our research into solutions that matter. By focusing on the therapeutic areas that we operate within, we can rapidly reduce development times and create optimized solutions. This enables us to expand upon our love of science by staying inquisitive and creating a culture of novel process routes.

Coral Drug’s R & D Department continually strives to create shorter processing times for production while maintaining the highest standards. Because we care about our environment, we work to find ways to reduce the use of toxic materials in our processes. As care for the safety and health of our employees and personnel is a top priority, we conduct all operations in a safe and maintained environment.

We can offer CRO/CMO services for applications that require us to develop, optimize, and scale up processes. We are also able to provide commercial-level GMP manufacturing against an already-developed process. Such flexibility allows us to partner at any level for fast turnarounds and end-to-end solutions.