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Product Category : Corticosteroids                                    

                                  Mometasone Furoate

Chemical Name : ((11β,16α)-9,21-Dichloro-17-[(2-furanyl carbonyl) oxy]-11-hydroxy-16-methylpregna-1,4-diene-3,20-dione

  • CAS Number 83919-23-7
  • Formula C27H30CI2O6
  • Molecular weight 521.43 g/mol
  • Routes of Administration Injectable, Nasal, Oral, Topical
  • Available drug master files US DMF DMF HC
  • Status of Product Commercially Available

General Information : Mometasone, also known as mometasone furoate, is a steroid medication used to treat certain skin conditions, hay fever, and asthma.

  • Grade of Product Micronized